This week’s “We’ve Got Your Back” series focuses on proper lifting techniques

August 13, 2019

Texas Children’s Health & Well-Being team partnered with colleagues from Environmental Health & Safety, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Occupational & Physical Therapy in launching this month’s “We’ve Got Your Back” video series, which provides employees with expert advice and insight on how to prevent back pain in the workplace – no matter your location, shift or role.

After kicking off the series with a video focusing on using ergonomics to arrange your desk and work environment for optimal comfort and safety, this week’s installment will focus on proper lifting techniques. The episode will feature tips and information on proper body mechanics and techniques from physical therapist Meredith Howell, who also serves as sports PT residency director and site coordinator for clinical education on the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation team.

“With the use of proper lifting techniques, back injuries can be prevented,” Howell said. “Setting up the environment to prepare for the lift, whether large or small, can improve safety. Always know that if the lift is challenging, you can reach out to team members for assistance.”

Click here to watch the second episode of the “We’ve Got Your Back” series and learn both what to do and what not to do when lifting, as well as the best practice to follow for lifting objects of all kinds: keeping your spine straight, using your legs and hips to complete the lift and lower the object back to the ground.