Texas Children’s and the Disney Children’s Hospitals Program add to its cast of characters

August 10, 2022

Since the launch of the Disney partnership in 2019, one of the most cherished and beloved elements of the program is having every member of our One Amazing Team adorn a beloved Disney character behind their ID badge.

The character badges offer the chance to create moments of comfort and inspiration for both patients and colleagues. You can use the badges to engage with patients on a friendly and fun level, putting them at ease or just putting a smile on their faces. They also encourage interaction and camaraderie amongst our team members. Take a moment to ask a colleague who their Disney character is and why they chose it. You can learn more about Disney and make a new connection with a colleague.

Every department director should have received a package with a variety of new character badges, bilingual instruction cards and a list of their direct reports. If you have not had the opportunity to choose your new badge, please connect with your leader to inquire about this enhancement to the program.

If you have any questions or have not received your package, please contact the Disney team at disney@texaschildrens.org.