Kronos timekeeping tools now available

August 10, 2022

Important updates have been made to our Kronos timekeeping tool to create a more secure environment, and the timeclocks, mobile and web applications are now available for use. Kronos functionality will remain the same for all timekeeping and attendance procedures.

Action Required

  1. Submit tracked time: Please provide the manually tracked time to your leader and/or timekeeper by Monday, Aug. 15. Your leader is responsible for entering the time. Staff and leaders, please review timecards prior to payroll Monday, Aug. 22 at 10 a.m.
  2. Approve pending PTO requests. Unapproved PTO requests submitted prior to Aug. 8 will need to be approved in the updated system. The link in the email notification received prior to Aug. 8 will no longer work, but the request will be available for review and approval directly in the system.
  3. Update server for mobile use: Please click here for log in instructions as you will need to update the server name to utilize the mobile application. Mobile users will be routed through Symantec VIP Multi-Factor Authentication to access the Kronos app.
  4. Log in/out of shared workstations: The updated desktop application will use Single Sign On to access the Texas Children’s network, so users will no longer be required to enter their user name and password. If you utilize a shared workstation, please log in and out of Kronos after utilizing the system.
  5. Use workstations if clock unavailable. A handful of time clocks are still being updated. If a clock has a Kronos sign attached to it, please enter time in the nearest workstation. Once updates are complete, the signage will be removed.
Support Resources

Ensuring our team members are compensated correctly for all their time worked continues to be a top priority for the organization. Resources are available to help team members.

  • For timekeeping and payroll questions:
  • For network and computer troubleshooting: IS Service Desk at Ext. 4-3512 (832-824-3512).