Super Star Employee: Patricia Foster

October 8, 2019

Your name, title and department. How long have you worked here?
My name is Patricia Foster, and I am a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst in the Business Intelligence Analytics department. I have worked here for almost three and a half years.

Tell us how you found out you won a super star award.
I found out that I won a super star award during the BI morning stand-up meeting. My manager, Kim Battenfield, said that someone on our team won the Super Star Employee award. I was so surprised because I don’t think of myself as a super star. I think of myself as a part of an amazing team in which all team members work together to strive to go the extra step to help our customers. I consider it a huge privilege to be a part of this team. We have the opportunity to meet with our customers to understand the goals of the work that they are doing. They allow us to provide feedback regarding how we think we can help. Often they have a pretty good idea of what they need, but they don’t always know about the scope of tools that we have and analysis that we can provide to help them make decisions.

What does it mean to be recognized for the hard work you do? How has the organization helped you achieve your personal and professional goals?
It’s humbling. I have a great manager, and I work with the best team ever. I feel like the entire team deserves an award. Each member of our team has unique talents and strengths, so we are all able to reach out to each other for help, and I feel like we all play an important role. We all rely on each other, and we all know that we can trust each other to provide high quality results.

What do you think makes someone at Texas Children’s a super star?
I think what makes someone a super star is to seek out opportunities to contribute to the overall well-being of our members and patients. Something that I am very proud of on our team is that we don’t just do what is asked of us. Once we understand what someone is trying to accomplish, we brainstorm ways to go a step further. We try to anticipate the next step and offer solutions.

What is your motivation for going above and beyond every day at work?
I truly love my job and my team. I have so much respect for my manager and my teammates, and I don’t want to let them down. I know the work that we do is very important to our members. As an Information Services employee, it can often be difficult “to see the forest for the trees,” but in BI, we have a unique opportunity to see what many others in our organization are doing and to see how the reports and maps we provide ultimately help us all to provide the best care for our members.

What is the best thing about working at Texas Children’s?
It’s hard for me to narrow it down to one thing that is the best thing about working at Texas Children’s, but if I had to, it would be its people. My manager, Kim, is wonderful. My Analytics teammates – Charles, Rudy, Jaennie, Henry, and Loan; the Data team – Anoop, Mike, Kavita, Sadhana, Roby, Fahd, Mani, and Avinash; John Turner, our IS director; Sarah and the FAST team; Mital, Veronica, and the Care Coordination team; RosCet and Deb and the Contracting team; the Finance team; the Member Services team; the Marketing team; my aunt Debbie, the leadership here … I love that I have the honor of working with all of these amazing people – striving to help sick children become healthy. I love that I feel like, even as an analyst, I have a voice, and that we can all make a difference.

What does it mean to you that everyone at Texas Children’s is considered a leader? What is your leadership definition?
To me, a leader is one who motivates you to do your best. I really do feel like Texas Children’s is full of leaders because we are all trying to accomplish the important goal of helping our members and patients, which, in the grand scheme of things, is great for all of us at Texas Children’s.

Anything else you want to share?
I am truly blessed and honored to work with the amazing people at Texas Children’s Health Plan and Texas Children’s Hospital.