Pavilion for Women hosts 2nd Annual Obstetric Critical Care Conference

October 15, 2019

The Pavilion for Women recently held a two-day conference focused on obstetric critical care. With increasing focus on maternal morbidity and mortality the need to expand and elevate the care provided by physicians and nurses is paramount. This unique conference affords the opportunity to participate in skill simulation and expert presentations. Additionally, CMEs and CNEs were awarded upon receiving a successful pass rate of the post-test administered.

Attended by more than 100 people across Texas, and 12 midwives visiting the Pavilion for Women from Hong Kong, the conference covered physiologic changes during pregnancy, specific obstetric medical conditions and appropriate treatment; maternal cardiovascular resuscitation and airway management of critically ill pregnant patients; as well as appropriate steps in fetal assessment, delivery, and neonatal management.

The conference was held October 4 and 5, and was formatted as a series of presentations and skill stations to provide knowledge and guidance for decision-making, and limited practice in some clinical procedures and scenarios. Positively received by attendees, the conference enables the Pavilion for Women as a Level IV Maternal Care Designated facility to determine what educational needs exist across the state and provide additional education to help improve quality outcomes for women.