Kickstart your way to a healthy and happy new year

January 7, 2019

Toss out those rigid and complicated New Year’s resolutions! Instead, kickstart 2019 by setting your intentions with One Word and gaining the tools and knowledge to become a healthier, happier you – not just for the year, but for life.

Join your Employee Well-Being and EAP Plus teams for the first Kickstart 2019 Workshop Series, which will feature the following activities and sessions:

Create Your Well-Being Vision – Choose one word that sums up how you want to be or live this year, then learn how to build the lifelong skills and behaviors you need to create and follow healthy habits that stick.

Ready to get started? We are too! Click here for the My One Word goal card and post it somewhere visible to maintain inspiration throughout the year.

Mastering Meal Prep – Eating healthy is all about the preparation. Learn how to master meal prep, from navigating the grocery store, to identifying the tools that should become your best friends in the kitchen, to finding easy recipes that you can cook in bulk. Meal prep is a tool that can be utilized by everyone, whether you are new to the kitchen or a well-seasoned home chef.

Fundamentals of Fitness – With all the fresh motivation the new year gives you to achieve your fitness goals, you’re primed and ready to tone up – but where and how exactly do you start? Get ready for a dynamic discussion about building a new workout routine and putting it into action.

Focusing Daily Energy – Between work, family and other responsibilities, our lives pull us in so many directions each day. Learn how to focus and shift your energy to the right places, at the right times. Make more mindful choices on how you spend your time and connect with people who bring positive energy.

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Click here for a full schedule of the Kickstart 2019 Workshop Series, including all session dates and locations. Class space is limited, register today.

Ready, Set, Win in 2019 with WW and New Fitness Partnerships
Weight Watchers is now “WW,” a reimagined and revamped program designed to inspire healthy habits for real life for people, families and communities around the world. WW is about more than weight loss; it’s about providing participants with a partner in wellness – whether that means eating better, moving more, developing a positive mindset, taking pounds off the scale or all of the above. WW also includes the new WellnessWins™ rewards program to recognize members at every steps of their wellness journey.

Click here to check out the new WW and join from January 2-25 to be enrolled in the Jumpstart Promotion, and as a new members, you’ll receive a free gift.

Texas Children’s badge holders receive reduced monthly membership rates, waived enrollment fees, and discounted programs and services from a variety of wellness partners. Click here to learn more about all of Texas Children’s wellness partnerships.

Introducing ClassPass, our newest wellness partner, offering one of the world’s most flexible memberships that allows you to work out where you want, when you want and how you want. Click here to learn more.

If you have any questions, contact the Well-Being team at