Celebrating patient experience: Week of events a success

May 3, 2016

5416patientexperienceinside640From an Olympic-themed spring carnival on The Auxiliary Bridge to an intimate talk with our physicians and one of our patient families, this year’s patient experience week activities were both fun and insightful. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Patient Experience Survey teams hosted a spring carnival on The Auxiliary Bridge for our patients and their families. The Olympic-themed event had everything from golf to balance beam walking and water gun shooting. See photos below. Throughout the week, employees and staff took the games to the rooms of patients who couldn’t make it to the bridge.
  • Several employees and staff attended two talks about how communication is the first step to a great patient experience. The event included comments from various Texas Children’s physicians as well as one of the hospital’s patient families.
  • Throughout the week, staff and employees were asked to participate in a poster and essay contest. The recipients, along with the 2016 Caught You Caring recipients of the year, were announced at a closing ceremony that capped the week’s events.

2016 Caught You Caring recipients of the year:

  • Trinh Han
  • Linda Santana
  • Dr. Yong Han
  • Donald Wilkins
  • William Davidson

Idea Contest Winner:
Title: “Smile at Me Everyone”
By: Akachi Phillips
Area: Maternal Fetal Medicine Community Clinics

Poster Contest Winner:
Title: Our Patients Mean the World
By: Natalie Jimenez, Kim Davis, Suzanne Iniguez
Area: Respiratory Care

Poster Contest Honorable Mention:
Title: Twinkle
By: Pavilion Medical & Outpatient team
Area: Pavilion Medical & Outpatient

Poster Contest Honorable Mention:
Title: Living Compassionately
By: Danna Martinez
Area: Pavilion For Women Operating Room

Patient Experience Table Winner:
Ambulatory Surgery