In memoriam: Amy Lucille Rockefeller

February 28, 2017

Amy Lucille Rockefeller, BSN, RN, Women’s Services, passed away on February 5, 2017 at the age of 39.

Amy began her career at Texas Children’s on November 28, 2011. She was a member of the inpatient Women’s Services Labor & Delivery team and an intensive care nurse. Amy was passionate about the care she provided for her patients and education/teaching. While an ICU nurse in L&D, she also took on the role of Training Partner. Amy was kind and known for her sense of humor and ability to get along with everyone. While Amy was passionate about her job, her greatest love was her daughter, Lyndsey. Amy was a true friend and will be greatly missed by her team and fellow employees.

Amy is survived by her daughter, Lyndsey; her father, Ralph; her brother, Michael and his wife, Regina; her niece, Julia; and grandmother, Avis Bass.

A Memorial Fund has been established through Wells Fargo Bank, “Amy Rockefeller Memorial” and all proceeds will directly benefit Amy’s daughter, Lyndsey who is a senior in high school this year.