Cancer and Hematology Centers honor staff with Bravo Award

Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers recently honored six team members with the Bravo Award for going above and beyond to ensure our patients and families receive the best possible care.

The award is handed out quarterly and recognizes nurses and other professional staff in the Cancer and Hematology Centers for outstanding performance. Anyone within the Texas Children’s system may nominate a member of the cancer and hematology teams for this award. The team’s clinic leadership will select the winners.

Our Bravo Award winners this quarter were:

Regi Biju, RN, Main Campus. Regi is a role model to all on her team while displaying the flexibility to fill a variety of roles including charge nurse, staff nurse and covering procedures in clinic and PACU. She is an effective mentor to her peers and is always willing to lend a sympathetic ear or offer assistance in difficult situations. One of her best qualities is her ability to show friendliness, love and a sense of humor with staff and patients.

Lindsey Gooding, RN, West Campus. Lindsey goes above and beyond to help not only patients but the people with whom she works. She puts patients first, always finding ways to accommodate sick add-ons if needed. With increasing work volumes related to staff turnover she continues to have a smile on her face.

Jill Hartley, RN, McAllen. As the Research Nurse at the Vannie Cook clinic, Jill plays a crucial role in ensuring the best care for patients in her clinic. Her involvement helps put families at ease and allows them to know their child is receiving the most up to date care possible. She is recognized as a go-to person for answering any questions from colleagues. She is a team player who will pitch in wherever she is needed to ensure a smooth workflow on a daily basis.

Chelsea Hood, RN, Main Campus. Chelsea leads by example, “taking exceptional initiative to ensure that patients receive the best care possible.” She has outstanding collaborative relationships both within the Cancer Center and across the hospital. She is adept at finding creative solutions to difficult problems, easing workloads for others in the process.

Jackie Kuna, RN, Main Campus. Jackie spends hours counseling and educating families with a wide variety of conditions on the lymphoma and histiocytosis teams. She continuously works to improve and enhance the patient and family centered care for which her team is known. She has earned a high level of trust from not only her colleagues but her patients and families as well.

Rachel Werley, RN, Woodlands. Rachel “demonstrates the utmost values of professionalism, collaboration, leadership, and patient and family centered care” during her daily work. She is a champion for improving her own personal skills as well as teaching and being a role model for others. She always treats colleagues and patients with mutual respect and patience, no matter how challenging the situation.