Yaneth Arrue

Facilities Operations
Texas Children’s Hospital West Tower
2018 Caught you Caring Recipient

Prior to her current position as a patient transporter, Yaneth Arrue was part of the Facilities Operations team and was responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and clean environment for patients and families.

On several occasions, Yaneth went out of her way to clean patient rooms that were not on her list, but she did it anyway so patients and families didn’t have to wait for someone else to get to it. She also helped staff nurses change bed linens and cleaned up after patients who didn’t feel well or had accidents in their rooms.

In addition to providing the best customer-centered service to patients and their families, Yaneth also demonstrated teamwork and compassion towards her coworkers. There was a time when staffing was short on the weekends and everyone working at that time had to pick up seven to eight additional rooms to clean. Yaneth took notice to this and made adjustments to her life outside of Texas Children’s Hospital so that she would be able to switch weekends to help her peers.

Yaneth has received 30 Caught You Caring cards from patient families. Colleagues describe her as a “kind and loving person who is passionate about what she does at Texas Children’s. Her willingness to provide customer centered service to both internal and external customers is priceless.”