Melanie Johnson

Ambulatory Service Representative
Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands Sleep Center
2018 Caught You Caring Recipient

Melanie goes the extra mile for her patients and their families, as well as her colleagues at Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands Sleep Center. As an Ambulatory Service Representative, she handles the bulk of the center’s scheduling, which includes nighttime sleep studies and daytime diagnostic testing.

One night, a mother and a child checked in for their sleep study without having eaten dinner and unaware that the hospital cafeteria had already closed. Melanie, not wanting them to be hungry and uncomfortable for the study, arranged for sandwiches to be delivered to the hospital.

For her co-workers’ birthdays and other special occasions, Melanie makes sure her team members are recognized with a special treat. She also fosters team spirit by encouraging her colleagues to participate as a group in fun hospital-wide initiatives.

Overall, Melanie always tries to bring happiness and cheer to her team and to those who are seeking our care and expertise here at Texas Children’s.