Lisa Carr

Staff Nurse
Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
2018 Caught You Caring Recipient

Lisa is an outstanding advocate for our patients and their families, especially during difficult times. She has helped several families who have lost a loved one. On one occasion, she relocated a family to a more secluded room that was better equipped for bereavement. She then switched days with another staff member to maintain continuity of care during the family’s difficult time.

During another unfortunate situation, Lisa payed music the patient liked and explained every medical task and procedure to the family, answering any questions they had. She went above and beyond to make sure the family felt safe and knowledgeable about the patient’s medical state.

Lisa also thrives when it comes to helping her coworkers. She is always willing to lend a hand when her team needs help. Lisa spent countless hours helping her colleagues assemble the PICU when it opened more than a year ago, and was instrumental in organizing and logging equipment and supplies for her unit. She literally became the go-to person for Supply Chain.

Overall, Lisa provides exceptional care to her patients and is a leader on the floor.