LGBQTIA+ team members and allies share insights, experiences in Pride Month discussion

June 28, 2022

With the lighting of the Miracle Bridge at the Medical Center campus and the Fountains at The Woodlands and West Campus hospitals in rainbow hues, Texas Children’s is celebrating Pride Month.

Pride Month panel discussion – Watch now!

Led by moderator Debra Lacy, director of DEI, the following panelists shared what Pride Month means to them and responded to common misconceptions and stereotypes of the LGBTQIA+ community. They also offered thoughts on what others can do to be better allies to LGBTQIA+ people.

  • Larry Barr Meyer, pharmacist, Medical Center
  • Katie Gallagher, pediatric psychologist, Texas Children’s/Baylor College of Medicine
  • Dr. Roger Nicome, pediatric hospitalist, Texas Children’s/Baylor College of Medicine
  • Barbara Peters-Mack, administrative assistant, The Woodlands
  • Dr. Michael Petrus-Jones, pediatric resident physician, Baylor College of Medicine

“The word ‘pride’ can mean many different things depending on who you ask. To me, it means equality and acceptance,” said President and CEO Mark A. Wallace in an On the Mark blog post commemorating Pride Month. “Equality for every person – no matter their gender, religion, how they identify, or the color of their skin – and acceptance that we all deserve the right to be who we are and love who we love.”

Interested in sharing your unique story and the identities and life experiences that mean the most to you? Contact the DEI team via email.