Krista Miller

Labor and Delivery nurse
Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women
2018 Caught you Caring Recipient

Krista Miller cares for patients in labor and delivery at the Pavilion for Women. On numerous occasions, patients and their families have taken notice of the compassion she exudes while on the unit.

Krista recently received a Caught You Caring card from a patient who said, “Krista is the perfect combo of compassion and knowledge. She held my hand through a panic attack and made sure I was safe. Thank you for being so amazing!”

Another patient family whose daughter was a patient at the Pavilion for Women, described Krista as a person who “kept our spirits up and gave us confidence that, in her care, nothing would go wrong. Her care and passion did not decrease despite our daughter’s birth success. Krista even made it a point to visit us in postpartum two days later just to check on us. Her presence was welcomed with true excitement.”

Krista also demonstrates teamwork and compassion towards her co-workers.

Upon starting one of her shifts, Krista was approached by one of the nurses in her care who was overwhelmed with her patient. The patient was non-English speaking and had concerns with her care throughout the course of her stay. Krista accompanied the nurse to help address concerns with the patient. Still overwhelmed, Krista allowed that nurse to take a break while she briefly assumed care of the patient. During that time, Krista provided the patient with comfort measures and continued daily care until the nurse was able to resume care. When Krista’s supervisor met with the patient to address concerns, she stated Krista had addressed them and she was happy with her care.