Hilda Andrade

Environmental Services Lead
Abercrombie Building
2018 Caught you Caring recipient

Hilda Andrade is always looking for ways to help other people. Hilda is described by her colleagues as a staff member who has a heart bigger than Texas.

While cleaning rooms in West Tower, Hilda came across a patient family whose sister was diagnosed with cancer and would need treatment for two years. When Hilda found out that the patient’s wish was to have a Sweet 15 party – and that the family was unable to fulfill this wish due to financial reasons – Hilda went out of her way to throw a memorable party for the patient and her family. Hilda not only helped cover the expense of renting the location, but she decorated the room, cooked the food, and bought a beautiful dress that the patient picked out for the occasion.

Besides providing emotional support to patients and their families, Hilda goes gone above and beyond for her colleagues. She goes out of her way to ensure her colleagues have what they need to get their jobs done efficiently and effectively.

Because of Hilda’s compassion and hard work, her team members have emulated a more compassionate attitude towards each other throughout the day. As one colleague summed it up, “Hilda is the glue for our team.”