Culture rounds outcomes: Team feedback leads to improvements

June 30, 2022

At Texas Children’s we believe that listening to the thoughts and perspectives of our patients, families and our One Amazing Team is the key to building a better Tomorrow, Together. Culture rounds has been instrumental in achieving this milestone.

Executive teams rounded on 32 care areas over the past twelve weeks and listened to over 85 patients and families and more than 480 team members who provided feedback on how to make Texas Children’s an even better place to work and receive care. Culture rounds enabled our executives to build stronger relationships and gain insight into improvement opportunities that are important to our front line.

Here’s what registered nurse Maria Bragado had to say about culture rounds:
“Visibility is important, especially between staff and leadership. Knowing they’re involved is a huge morale boost. Thank you for hearing us out!”

Initial analysis of rounding data led executives to partner with unit leadership and communicate trends including supply and equipment needs and staffing challenges. Executives were equipped with nurse staffing and retention data and behavioral health support hiring data to share with staff during rounds, resulting in enhanced communication and transparency of current efforts and future plans. Additional improvement opportunities that highlight organizational needs are being shared with unit leadership.

Thank you for sharing your stories, your innovative ideas, and partnering to increase engagement and enrich our quality and safety culture here at Texas Children’s. You are valued and your voice matters!

Next steps

Culture rounds will resume in August 2022 and include West and Woodlands community campuses, as well as night shift and ambulatory care areas.

For more information on executive culture rounds contact Kandice Bledsaw via e-mail.