Plastic, neurosurgery faculty, fellows, researchers present abstracts at conference

101514HollierLarry125Faculty, fellows and researchers from the Divisions of Plastic Surgery and Neurosurgery traveled to Tokyo in September to give four oral presentations and three poster presentations at the 16th Biennial Congress of the International Society of Craniofacial Surgery (ISCFS).

Texas Children’s research at the conference centered on craniosynostosis, cleft lip and palate outcomes, and prenatal identification of the Pierre Robin Sequence. Dr. Edward Buchanan and Dr. Laura Monson from Plastic Surgery gave the research presentations on behalf of the craniofacial team. Dr. Helena Karlberg and Dr. Camille Colomb from Anesthesia attended the conference as well.

Dr. Larry Hollier, chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery and a member of the 2015 ISCFS Congress Program Committee, said, “We are extremely proud that so many of our abstracts were accepted at the conference.”

He added that attending conferences like ISCFS and sharing our research findings are important as we grow our craniofacial program at Texas Children’s.

Research presented at ISCFS

Quality Improvement from Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Care Pathway for Craniosynostosis Surgery
Authors: Lam S, Luerssen T, Pan I, Khechoyan DY, Buchanan EP, Monson LA

Eight-year Follow up of Identical Twins with Craniosynostotic Variations of Crouzon’s Syndrome
Authors: Buchanan EP, Lloyd MS, Mohrbacher N, Khechoyan DY, Hollier L, Monson LA

Tracheal Cartilaginous Sleeve in Syndromic Craniosynostosis
Authors: Buchanan EP, Pickrell BB

Measuring Quality of Life in Adolescents with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate
Authors: Monson LA, Lloyd MS, Hernandez C, Pickrell B, Buchanan EP, Khechoyan DY, Hollier L, Wilson K

Secondary Speech Surgery in Older Children and Adolescents? Outcomes and a Decision-Making Algorithm
Authors: Monson LA, Wilson K, Hernandez C, Khechoyan DY, Buchanan EP, Lee E, Moore E

Comparison of US National Databases for Perioperative Complications in Craniosynostosis Surgery
Authors: Lam S, Khechoyan DY, Buchanan EP, Monson LA, Luerssen T, Pan I

Prenatal Identification of Pierre Robin Sequence: A Review of the Literature and Look towards the Future
Authors: Kaufman MG, Cassady CI, Hyman CH, Lee W, Watcha MF, Hippard HK, Olutoye OA, Khechoyan DY, Monson LA, Buchanan EP

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