Compliance Spotlight: Outside Employment and Consulting

52616privacyjobs640Texas Children’s recognizes that some employees hold additional jobs outside their employment with the organization. Employees are permitted to engage in outside work, subject to certain restrictions based on reasonable business concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I’m engaged in outside work?
You must disclose this relationship to your immediate supervisor and to the Compliance and Privacy Office. The relationship will be reviewed to ensure it does not create a conflict of interest.

May I perform work for an outside entity during my assigned work hours at Texas Children’s?

No. You may not conduct any outside business during your assigned work hours at Texas Children’s. Also, you must not use Texas Children’s resources for the benefit of an outside business, including:

  • Proprietary information
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Equipment

I am a consultant for a skincare company. May I sell my products to other employees or patients during my assigned work hours at Texas Children’s?

No. You may not market, recruit for or engage in any activities for an outside business during your assigned work hours.

I am a health care provider. May I operate my own private practice, separate and apart from Texas Children’s?

Yes, but you must keep your outside work separate from your work at Texas Children’s by following these rules (in addition to the above):

  1. You may not refer Texas Children’s patients to your private practice or otherwise discuss or perform any recruiting for your private practice with Texas Children’s patients;
  2. You must avoid situations where your private practice interferes with or competes with Texas Children’s; and
  3. Texas Children’s must remain neutral in referring patients to private providers, and may not steer patients to your private practice.

Key Take-Aways

  • If you are engaged in any outside employment or consulting, notify your supervisor and the Compliance and Privacy Office.
  • Any outside employment must not conflict or appear to conflict with your ability to fulfill your responsibilities to Texas Children’s.
  • You may not conduct outside employment business during your assigned work hours at Texas Children’s.
  • Outside employment must not negatively affect your ability to perform your job at Texas Children’s.


If you have questions about outside employment, please contact the Compliance and Privacy Office at 832-824-2085 or at

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