Tower crane installation for Pediatric Tower E continues this weekend

Due to inclement weather on December 13, the construction team was unable to complete the tower crane installation. This installation is scheduled to be completed Saturday, December 19, from 9 p.m. this Friday to 5 a.m. this Monday. Northbound lanes of Main Street will be closed again from Holcombe Boulevard to Southgate Boulevard.

Traffic should detour northbound to Fannin Street then westbound on Dryden Road, or westbound on Holcombe Boulevard to northbound on Greenbriar Drive. Southbound lanes of Main Street will remain open and the intersection at Main Street and Southgate Boulevard will remain open for access to the Pavilion for Women.

Police officers will assist with pedestrian and vehicular traffic per the approved City of Houston traffic control plans. To ensure everyone’s safety, anyone who is not required to be in the area during this activity is encouraged to stay away. Communications with immediate neighbors have been provided.

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