“Bravo” to the Bravo most recent Award winners!

The Bravo Award was created to recognize, every quarter, all the exceptional work done by our colleagues in all disciplines that help care for cancer and hematology patients at Texas Children’s.

“Thank you to everyone for your hard work giving outstanding care to the patients and families that have entrusted us with the care of their loved ones,” said Associate Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Tim Porea. “I am excited to recognize the most recent group who stood out to their peers and whose dedication has helped make Texas Children’s #2 in the nation,” he added.

Please help us in congratulating the latest Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center Bravo Award winners which include:

Brittany Anderson, Registered Nurse, Main Campus
Anderson leads her team tirelessly and incorporates the needs of her staff in the clinic over all else. She is fair, honest, compassionate, extremely skilled, and highly educated in her leadership role. Anderson directs her team from the front and never hesitates to help her staff problem solve. She exemplifies what it takes to be an amazing manager.

Sara Bennett, Registered Nurse, Main Campus
Bennett is a tireless advocate for patient education on the inpatient units. Her passion for teaching is inspiring as she goes above and beyond to educate new families about their child’s diagnosis. Bennett has been a fabulous asset for our 7WT and 9WT teams by empowering families to advocate for their children after their discharge.

Dana Garza, Registered Nurse, West Campus
Garza navigates changes in practice with “grace and grit.” She is “wise but overwhelmingly humble, sincere, and hardworking but always open to taking a deep breath/pause.” Garza works tirelessly in her role to make sure all of our patients receive the best possible care, every single day.

Marshal Kara, Child Life Specialist, Main Campus
It is obvious that Kara makes patient and family-centered care her top priority. She is a “miracle worker” who can get through to any and all patients who are experiencing challenges. Kara is an excellent collaborator with her team and is loved and appreciated by all her patients and families.

Kelli Kulik, Pharmacist, The Woodlands
Kulik is a phenomenal team member and collaborator with our physicians and nurses to ensure medications are accessible and available when needed. Her work procuring supplies of uncommon drugs allows patients to remain close to home for their care. This greatly increases family satisfaction. Kulik is an excellent communicator when there are formulary changes and shortages, and she works tirelessly to educate staff in improving processes when opportunities arise.

Rebeca Massey, Social Worker, Main Campus
Massey is incredibly dedicated to serving her patients. No matter how hectic the day may be, she always manages to treat each person she encounters with kindness and compassion. Massey’s problem-solving skills are remarkable, and she always helps fix issues with a smile and positive attitude. Our teams are all the better with her on them.

Chiara Miller, Registered Nurse, Main Campus
Miller is a fantastic partner in taking care of our complex patients, 100% reliable and an outstanding communicator with her team in clinic. She is a true team player and always willing to help with any patient needs, even if the patient is not her primary responsibility. Miller is unfailingly kind, compassionate and reassuring even in the most difficult situations. She approaches each day with a positive attitude and is a joy to be around.