Amy Aaronson, BSN, RN, CCRN

2117AmyAaronson175Staff Nurse, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
2016 Rookie of the Year

Amy Aaronson is a staff nurse in Texas Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and is a recent graduate of our nurse residency program. One of her co-workers had this to say about her, “Amy is not your average graduate nurse. She has accomplished more in a year than most experienced nurses…she is able to take on more critical assignments and can manage higher acuity patients without difficulty…she remains calm under pressure and has the ability to communicate effectively with multidisciplinary teams.”

One of the education specialists that leads our nurse residency program had this to say about Amy, “She demonstrates a level of maturity and courage that is not typically seen in new graduate nurses. The feedback from her preceptor and peers was always positive…from our initial encounter I was left with the impression that Amy is a true nursing leader.”

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