Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees

Department Name
5 North Rangel, Jonathan
6 North Flores, Felipe
6 North Weeks, Courtney
Business Services Beiza-Sanchez, Marilyn
Business Services Camacho, Erica
Business Services Crite, Eboni
Clinical Nutrition Services Rawls, Brandy
Department of Social Work Flinn, Rachel
Graduate Nurse Program Baez Mendoza, Daniela
Graduate Nurse Program Bernal, Andrea
Graduate Nurse Program Campbell, Aubrey
Graduate Nurse Program Facio, Tanya
Graduate Nurse Program Hales, Lindsey
Graduate Nurse Program Herzog, Amanda
Graduate Nurse Program Kassir, Iman
Graduate Nurse Program Kuriakose, Keziah
Graduate Nurse Program Lopez, Dulce
Graduate Nurse Program Martinez Leon, Alexandra
Graduate Nurse Program Myers, Lauren
Graduate Nurse Program Nguyen, Valarie
Graduate Nurse Program Parhizkar, Erika
Graduate Nurse Program Ralph, Jenna
Graduate Nurse Program Roberson, Margaret
Graduate Nurse Program Schaefer, Morgan
Graduate Nurse Program Stewart, Brandee
Graduate Nurse Program Thornton, Kelsey
Graduate Nurse Program Tran, Megan
Graduate Nurse Program Vetalice, Nicole
Graduate Nurse Program Wind, Bailey
Health Information Management Childers, Karah
Health Information Management Joseph, Tangela
Health Information Management Orr, Christy
Health Information Management Trejo, Celeste
Neurophysiology Service Messick, Taylor
Pathology Service Patterson, Jaishira
Patient Accounting Curry, Zakiyyah
Pediatric Radiology Pednekar, Amol
Respiratory Care Castillo, Jacob
Respiratory Care Sanchez, Maria
Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers Anderson, Brittany
Texas Children’s Health Plan Hurst, Janet
Texas Children’s Health Plan Parker, Elizabeth
Texas Children’s Health Plan Wallace, Rusty
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Cinco Ranch Finney, Amanda
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Main Campus Crissman, Maryann
The Woodlands – Cancer Center Torres, Michelle
The Woodlands – Clinical Nutrition Service Anding, Heather
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Dayen, Jeremy
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Vear, Michael
The Woodlands – Inpatient Floor 1 Webster, Tej
The Woodlands – Intensive Care Unit Robertson, Andrea
The Woodlands – Intensive Care Unit Sommer, Amber
The Woodlands – Orthopedic Surgery Taylor, Nicole
The Woodlands – Pediatric Radiology Douglas, Deborah
The Woodlands – Pediatric Radiology Perez, Cristina
The Woodlands – Pediatric Surgical Services Ourieff, Rachel
The Woodlands – Respiratory Care Bean, Rachel
The Woodlands – Respiratory Care Polk, Amber
The Woodlands – Social Work Jimenez, Vanessa
Transport Services Schneider, Lauren
Volunteer Services Sosa, Clara
West Campus – Pathology Tran, Tiffany
West Campus – Respiratory Care Lopez, Samantha
West Campus – Security Services Thiac, Michael
West Campus – Special Procedures Suite Garcia, Jose
Women’s Services Morales, Sara
Women’s Services Silva, Debra

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