Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees

Department Name
5 North Jason, Shinu
5 North Traylor, Erica
Department of Surgery Mancha Hernandez, Julio
Food and Nutrition Services Unger, Jana
Health Information Management Jones, Robert
Operating Rooms Wheeler, Karen
Patient and Family Services Crawford, Claire
Pediatric Radiology Aguirre, Karla
Pharmacy Services Aladume, Wesley
Pharmacy Services Saidi, Chanese
Supply Chain Polk, Sherrhonda
Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers Pons, Stephanie
Texas Children’s Health Plan Farciert, Connie
Texas Children’s Health Plan Montgomery, Frederick
Texas Children’s Health Plan Wilson, DaShawn
Texas Children’s Health Plan – The Center Raikhraj, Bertha
Texas Children’s Health Plan – The Center – Greenspoint Alberson, Leslie
Texas Children’s Pediatrics FM 1960 Miller, LaShondra
Texas Children’s Pediatrics Pediatric Medical Group Greer Davenport, Jasmine
Texas Children’s Pediatrics Rayford Dake, Chelsea
Texas Children’s Pediatrics Rayford Ogletree, Sherrell
Texas Children’s Pediatrics Town & Country at West Campus Marroquin, Beth
Texas Children’s Urgent Care Dague, Emily
Texas Children’s Urgent Care Reeves, Jennifer
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Pearland Rojas, Evelyn
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Crowder, Susan
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Drews, Sarah
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Witt, Silvia
The Woodlands – Intensive Care Unit Hardy, Andrea
The Woodlands – Intensive Care Unit Ruthstrom, Taylor
The Woodlands – Pathology Castillo, Estella
The Woodlands – Pediatric Radiology Pacheco, Robyn
The Woodlands – Security Services Brauner, Kyle
The Woodlands – Security Services Cohn, Audie
The Woodlands – Security Services Gibbs, Lahomma
The Woodlands Pediatric Surgical Service Mathai, Rincymol
West Campus – Pediatric Radiology Hunjan, Manpreet

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