CVICU physician performs CPR, saves man’s life during spin class

22416lifesaving640When Dr. Natasha Afonso clipped in to a bike for a spin class on a recent Thursday evening, she didn’t know the skills she uses each day to treat patients in the CVICU would mean the difference between life and death for a fellow rider. Toward the end of the 45-minute, high-intensity class, Afonso heard commotion behind her as riders were being ushered out of the room. When she turned around she saw 50-year-old Scott Corron lying motionless on the ground.

She jumped off her bike and found Corron cold, clammy and pulseless. Because she didn’t see him fall, she thought he may be dehydrated, but because he wasn’t breathing Afonso immediately started CPR.

“It’s surprising to see someone go into cardiac arrest outside of the hospital setting,” said Afonso. “I didn’t have time to get my own heart rate down much less think about what caused Scott to stop breathing, so I started compressions.”

When the paramedics arrived 15 minutes after Afonso started CPR, she assisted with quickly placing the electrode pads on him. The paramedics shocked Corron before resuming compressions and he was fairly alert as the ambulance whisked him off to the hospital.

Corron, who has ironically worked in cardiology device sales for more than 20 years, credited Afonso’s quick thinking and action which has led to a full recovery.

“Words aren’t enough to thank Dr. Afonso for saving my life,” said Corron. “I hope to be back on the bike soon and am so thankful she decided to take a spin class that night.”

To see the reunion between Afonso and Corron, watch this recent NBC 2 KPRC story.