Updated TMC parking equipment installation is scheduled

Texas Medical Center is in the process of installing new parking equipment in the garages and on surface lots across campus, including new gates, entry/exit kiosks, and pay stations. The new equipment will enhance operational reliability and will provide a seamless customer experience.

Installation of the new equipment has begun and will be completed before the end of 2018. During the installation process, staff will be available to assist customers and answer any questions. Additionally, signage will be placed in each of the facilities to inform customers of ongoing installations and/or important updates.

An installation schedule for garages and lots used by Texas Children’s is below:

Garage/Lot: Installation date
  • Garage 1: September 1 to September 12
  • Garage 2: September 1 to September 5
  • Garage 20: September 11 to September 12
  • Lot Meyer South: September 19 to September 27
  • Lot Meyer North: September 21 to September 23
  • Smith Lands lot: September 23 to October 1
  • Garage 11: October 11 to October 13
  • Garage 14: October 14 to October 15
  • Garage 19: October 14 to October 16
  • Main Street lot: November 1 to November 3
  • Garage 21: November 3 to November 18
  • Garage 16: November 3 to November 8
  • Garage 12: November 4 to November 9

Contract parkers
There will be no change in how monthly contract parkers enter and exit a parking facility. The existing proximity card readers, that are used today, will be integrated into the new equipment. Additionally, there is new technology integrated within the lane devices that will provide additional access options. Please check the TMC website (www.tmc.edu) for more information on these enhanced features.

Patients and visitors
Visitors will no longer be issued the small chip coins.
The new equipment uses interactive touchscreen and barcode technology to issue a paper ticket. The ticket will have the facility name, address, and contact information for TMC Parking Operations.

Payment options for visitors include:
1. At a pay station located in the parking facility using a credit/debit card or cash (if available).
2. At exit station, scan entry ticket and make a payment using a credit/debit card.
3. Insert credit card at the entry station and swipe the same credit card at the exit station.

The customer’s card is not charged until they exit the facility.

Thank you for your patience during the installation process.

Please email parking@tmc.edu with questions.