Texas Children’s to upgrade Kronos timekeeping system

To comply with up-to-date timekeeping processes and ensure our employees continue to be paid in a timely and accurate manner, Texas Children’s will upgrade the Kronos timekeeping system to version 8.1 on Wednesday, October 24. This upgrade will impact all employees who use the Kronos system. Those who clock in and out will notice minor changes to the look and feel of Kronos after the upgrade, and leaders who approve time will have access to additional features and system enhancements.

The 8.1 version of Kronos eliminates the dependency on JAVA, which will improve Kronos accessibility and functionality. As an added benefit, defined steps to aid in the approval process will be consolidated in the Approval Wizard. The Approval Wizard will be the default landing page for leaders. Additionally, leaders can expect a condensed view of pay codes, hyperfinds and reports.

In version 8.1, non-exempt (hourly) employees will have the opportunity to confirm if they have taken an uninterrupted meal/break (disengage) for more than 20 minutes. At the end of their shift, this automated verification feature will provide an opportunity for employees to enter meal/break missed punches. This feature will aid in driving accuracy and accountability within the organization.

Beginning in late September, detailed information about the Kronos upgrade, as well as training material and job aids, will be made available on the newly refreshed Kronos Resources Connect page. Please reference the Resources & Contacts section at the bottom of this page for upgrade-specific tools and check this page often, as resources will continue to be added and updated prior to go-live. New, revised HealthStream training on Kronos also will be made available in October.

There will be a 24-hour anticipated outage to the Kronos timekeeping system prior to the upgrade on October 24. Additional details about this outage will be communicated ahead of the go-live date.

Watch for additional information on Connect and through emails from Financial Services.