Texas Children’s patients help create unique animated short film

Aurora Picture Show and The Periwinkle Foundation as part of the Arts in Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Cancer Center and Hematology Service at Texas Children’s Hospital, collaborated in March to produce an animation entitled, The Inventions Project.

Aurora Picture Show is a non-profit media arts center that presents artist-made, non-commercial film and video. They are dedicated to expanding the cinematic experience and promoting the understanding and appreciation of moving image art.

Over the past year Aurora Picture Show has worked with Texas Children’s patients to create a short film that assembled all of the participants’ work. The patients were asked to create inventions that would help people, and make the world a better place. They constructed pieces that included an animal translator and a machine that turns pills into strawberries. The completed film was shown during a public screening as well as one in the clinic.

The Arts in Medicine (AIM) program’s goal is to provide enjoyable and educational art activities that give patients and their families the opportunity for self-expression, empowerment and healing through the arts.

Click here to view the entire film that was produced.