Roderic Johnson

Radiology Technician
2017 Caught You Caring recipient

Roderic Johnson is a team player. He believes in best patient care and practice and will rally the team if ever needed. He maintains great communication with the front and back staff and brings a positive morale to the clinic. In addition to his responsibilities as a radiology technician, Roderic is also a pastor. He has been there for everyone – in and out of the office – to offer support in the good and bad times.

Roderic displays compassion and patience in his interactions with his patients. Roderic always calms his patients by explaining the procedure before he begins. On one occasion, he had a patient who required bilateral foot X-rays. The patient was in a lot of pain and started to cry the moment Roderic mentioned having to pick him up from his chair. Before positioning the patient on the table for the x-ray, Roderic acknowledged all of the patient’s concerns and gently picked up the patient and moved him to the table where Roderic placed foam cushion and pillows to ensure the patient’s comfort.

Upon departure, Roderic gave the patient a Superhero sticker. He told the patient, “Do you know why I picked that one for you? Because you are a superhero and did a great job!” The patient was elated.