Excellent work, Bravo Award winners!

Each quarter, Bravo Awards recognize all the excellent work done by colleagues in any of the disciplines that help care for cancer and hematology patients. Congratulations to the latest Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center Bravo Award winners.

“All of you help in your own ways to give outstanding care to the patients and families entrusted to us and continue to shine during challenging times,” said Associate Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Tim Porea. “Thank you so much for the hard work you put in each and every day.”

“I am excited to recognize the most recent group who stood out to their peers – please join me in congratulating these exemplary staff members the next time you see them,” he added.

Bravo Award honorees include (view photos below; click on graphic for larger view):

Bernadette Carrum, Research Coordinator, Main Campus
Carrum is always ready to assist new team members regarding details of the studies she supports. She graciously stepped in to keep things flowing when a colleague was unavailable, helping to enroll new patients, overseeing sample collections and coordinating meetings. She is professional and pleasant to work with in all that she does.

Delmy Cruz, Ambulatory Service Representative, Main Campus
Cruz’s dedication to her duties related to scheduling patients for our Long Term Survivors program is greatly appreciated. She diligently coordinates the appointments that our patients need to set up with others. Coordination often takes many phone calls or letters for each patient. Cruz is always willing to talk through processes and assist in any way to ensure patients are seen. She is approachable and eager to help solve any problem.

Hannah Early, Child Life Specialist, West Campus
In her short time with our clinic, Early has “completely astounded” the medical team with her enthusiasm, talent and hard work. She is kind, insightful, creative, and tireless – seemingly everywhere at once to assist when needed. Early enhances multiple areas of our practice, celebrating with bell ringings, assisting with port access, or providing support for patients including a teen who was struggling with his diagnosis. She goes above and beyond at every turn and is someone the clinic can’t imagine being without.

Amanda Gillispie, Pharmacist, Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Main Campus
Gillispie is an integral part of the Bone Marrow Transplant team, helping to choose, dose and change medications whenever needed. She mentors junior trainees and helps them to gain experience with complex medical profiles. Gillispie is also critical to patient safety initiatives such as creating practice standards and building order sets. For a patient with a language barrier she even learned about culturally important supplements he was taking to ensure it was safe to continue in combination with his treatment plan.

Brandy Hocking, Bone Marrow Transplant Coordinator, Main Campus
In her role, Hocking exemplifies professional values and leadership in all she does. She regularly reviews and suggests improvements to standard operating procedures. She is also an excellent communicator with families, always putting their needs first. Finally, Hocking stays up to date on the latest advancements in clinical practices and literature to assist patients and the medical team in finding the best possible donor.

Kristen Kelly, Registered Nurse, Main Campus
Kelly is our clinic nurse educator and she has revitalized the education team. She has onboarded and mentored an unprecedented number of new staff nurses. When staffing needs required, Kelly readily assisted at the bedside of the infusion room. She shares her knowledge in the community as well in her role as the President-elect of the local Association of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Nurses chapter.

Yahsmine Sanchez, Psychosocial Coordinator, Main Campus
Sanchez embraces her role, always brightening patients’ days with a cheerful smile. She coordinates with multiple other disciplines to involve patients in quality and research studies. Sanchez even organized a special party for a patient nearing the end of her life. The celebration meant the world to the patient and her family. To further improve her ability to provide the best possible service, Sanchez is furthering her education in pursuit of a master’s degree in health care administration.

Sandra Yacoub, Senior Interpreter, International Patient Services
Yacoub is an outstanding member of our team, helping to ensure Arabic speaking patients receive optimal care. She is incredibly patient and kind in difficult situations to maximize appropriate communication. Yacoub takes it upon herself to write summaries of conferences so that all members of the team are appropriately involved and informed.