Critical shortage of IV fluids and supplies being addressed

Texas Children’s is currently working to respond to a shortage of IV fluids and related supplies. The shortage stems from hurricane destruction in Puerto Rico in September. Hurricane Maria wiped out the island’s electrical grid and shut down three Baxter International factories for several days. Baxter is one of the largest manufacturers of IV products in the U.S.

In the wake of ongoing issues associated with Baxter’s closings in Puerto Rico, Texas Children’s leaders in Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Staff, Supply Chain and other areas are working to address the critical shortage of IV fluids. This is the most significant backorder we have experienced to date. Many fluids are unavailable, limited or becoming critically low.

This is a national shortage that the FDA is monitoring very closely, and we have created teams to address these issues at Texas Children’s. The teams are developing strategies to optimize our current supply and to help eliminate waste, including:

  1. Close monitoring and management of inventory
  2. Conservation practices to reduce use
  3. Preparation and distribution of fluid by our in-house pharmacy

This is a very dynamic situation, and these work teams are making practice changes daily to best respond to the evolving situation. Stay tuned for additional communications, and please pay particular attention to updates through P&T, Med Staff Services and other clinical communication channels for specific updates related to supply availability and key actions or changes.

Mary Jo Andre, Administrator on Call

Mark Mullarkey, EVP on Call