Best of the West: Dr. Jeanine Graf

Your name, title and department. How long have you worked here?
I originally came to Texas Children’s Hospital as an intern in 1988. I have worked as a Baylor faculty member at Texas Children’s Hospital since 1997, in total 30 years.

Tell us how you found out you won the Best of the West award.
Matthew Timmons had a scheduled meeting in the West Campus Boardroom. I was surprised by our socially distanced team in person and on zoom. It really made me weak!

What does it mean to be recognized for the hard work you do? How has the organization helped you achieve your personal and professional goals?
The award is a reflection of the great work the Amazing West Campus Team is doing every day. Everyone has risen to every challenge with a ‘can do’ attitude. It is inspiring. I have had so many wonderful opportunities at Texas Children’s Hospital, and the unifying factor is the great folks I get to work with at every turn.

What do you think makes someone at Texas Children’s, The Best of the West?
All of us are leaders, and The Best of the West recognizes individuals who are working to improve care for the children and families who come to us from the West region and beyond.

What is your motivation for going above and beyond every day at work?
To give the safest, highest quality care to the children and families who come to Texas Children’s Hospital. As one of my mentors Dr. Stein, says “There is no greater privilege than a parent entrusting you with the care of their child.” We have to continue to earn that trust, every day.

What is the best thing about working at Texas Children’s?
By far, the people – it is One Amazing Team.

What does it mean to you that everyone at Texas Children’s is considered a leader? What is your leadership definition?
Walk beside me, for we are all born to lead.

Anything else you want to share?
It is a privilege to work here and to learn something new every day.I am grateful for the hard work and dedication of the entire West Campus Team, my Critical Care colleagues and the Kangaroo Crew Transport team to improving care for children.