Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees – January 8, 2018

Department Name
5 North Howe, Krista
7 South Trojan, Jennifer
Admissions Clark, Brittany
Admissions Diaz, Gloria
Admissions Ransom, Turkoiz
Allergy & Immunology, Pulmonary, Asthma Clinics Hernandez Lupercio, Cinthya
Ambulatory Services Hanible, Fylasan
Ambulatory Services Rodriguez, Celida
Autism Center Scott, Tamesia
BCM Ob/Gyn Clinic La Rotta, Darcy
BCM Ob/Gyn Clinic Vega, Melissa
Biomedical Engineering Guerrero, Eduardo
Business Services Rosado, Elvis
Facilities Operations Bolton, Christopher
Facilities Operations Evans, Antonia
Infection Control Castelo, Chrisevelle
Infection Control Davis, Andrea
Information Services Coffey, Michael
Information Services Glasper, Louise
Information Services Watanabe, Roy
Lactation Support Salazar, Francesca
Legal Department Riddle, Jessie
Legal Department Wozniak, Vivian
Managed Care Contracting Huynh, Nguyen
Neurophysiology Barba, Kelsey
Neurophysiology Heinrich, Brandi
Neurophysiology Smith, Tina
Nutrition Services Lee, Courtney
Operating Room Newton, Demarrio
Operating Room Pattison, Kacie
Pathology Service Ajaroh, Egwono
Pathology Service Anderson, Marc
Pathology Service Ellis, Cottina
Pathology Service Flix, Yzettra
Pathology Service Mitchell, Sabrina
Pathology Service Strunk, Laura
Pathology Service Thomas, Stefany
Pathology Service Warneke, Jacquelyn
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Jones Swayzer, Ivenus
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Lezama, Taylor
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Turner, Niesha
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Vasquez, Anjelica
Pediatric Radiology Bhatti, Umaira
Pediatric Radiology Graska, Brian
Pediatric Radiology Mercer, Tyran
Pediatric Radiology Smith, Chloe
Pharmacy Department Bostick Mayweather, Rachael
Pharmacy Department Solomon, Ofonmbuk
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Delcid, Jennifer
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Frank, Jessica
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Park, David
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Pope, Courtney
Post Anesthesia Care Unit Ripkowski, Ashley
Pulmonary Unit/Adolescent Unit/Endocrine Unit Smith, Cami
Pulmonary Unit/Adolescent Unit/Endocrine Unit Taylor, Jayce
Renal Service Mora, Adriana
Renal, Rheumatology, Adolescent-Sports Medicine,Gynecology Clinics Keegan, Patsy
Respiratory Care Cherian, Blesson
Respiratory Care Mays, Kanieceya
Respiratory Care Serrato, Sharon
Respiratory Care Tenorio, Marielle
Respiratory Care Wakefield, Vicki
Supply Chain Services Anderson, Nicole
Supply Chain Services Hardy, Holly
Supply Chain Services Harris, Rodney
Supply Chain Services Longobardi, John
Supply Chain Services Ngao, Sheetal
Supply Chain Services Thomas, TamRah
Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers Burke, Amelia
Texas Children’s Fetal Center Cervantes, Jenny
Texas Children’s Gordon Emergency Center D Silva, Philomena
Texas Children’s Gordon Emergency Center Yeung, Jacqueline
Texas Children’s Health Centers – Sugar Land Pena, Alexandra
Texas Children’s Health Plan – The Center – Greenspoint Ible, Vermicker
Texas Children’s Heart Center Achim, Grace
Texas Children’s Heart Center Burgess, Nadja
Texas Children’s Heart Center Hill, Peter
Texas Children’s Heart Center Mitchell, Rhonda
Texas Children’s Heart Center Mouton, LaKimberly
Texas Children’s Heart Center Park, Linda
Texas Children’s Heart Center Pimentel, Daniella
Texas Children’s Heart Center Ramos, Vanessa
Texas Children’s Heart Center White, Courtney
Texas Children’s Newborn Center Chapa, Jessica
Texas Children’s Newborn Center Claudio, Marxanndra
Texas Children’s Newborn Center Hicks, Shylisa
Texas Children’s Newborn Center Pointer, Kiana
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – East Houston Segura, Lina
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – The Woodlands Chavez, Melanie
The Woodlands – Administration Olson, Shantell
The Woodlands – Gastroenterology/Nutrition Barnard, Brittany
The Woodlands – Occupational Therapy Kizer, Dana
The Woodlands – Orthopedic Surgery Rebollar, Tanya
The Woodlands – Orthopedic Surgery Young, Samantha
The Woodlands – Respiratory Care Nguyen, Mary
The Woodlands – Security Services Valentin, Anthony
Transplant Service Tsekouras, Carrie
Transport Services Snow, Benjamin
Transport Services Urech, Arthur
West Campus – 4 West Burnett, Lisa
West Campus – Emergency Center Figueroa, Vanessa
West Campus – Emergency Center Smith, Samantha
West Campus – Inpatient Floor 3 West Alexander, Kendra
West Campus – Occupational Therapy Hill, Alyssa
Women’s Services Biggio, Emily
Women’s Services Capone, Grace
Women’s Services Caudle, Mary
Women’s Services Gillespie, Taloria
Women’s Services Johnson, Melanie
Women’s Services Kana, Kayla
Women’s Services Le, Nica
Women’s Services McCorkle, Katherine
Women’s Services Morris, Lindsay