Social Media Savvy

October 7, 2019

Social media is a great way to share glimpses of your life with family and friends. Engaging on social media is increasingly becoming part of our daily routines, so it’s more important than ever that everyone at Texas Children’s understands their responsibilities around social media use.

With that in mind, the Marketing/PR and Human Resources departments developed a short video about the appropriate use of social media. You can watch the video below and keep it front of mind whenever you use any social media platform.

Ultimately, every single person at Texas Children’s is responsible for how they use social media. Be sure you make informed, thoughtful decisions about what you choose to post online.

If you discover any unethical, illegal or questionable content on social media relating to Texas Children’s, please notify your immediate supervisor or call our confidential Compliance hotline at 1-866-478-9070.