Take action to prevent slips, trip and falls

At Texas Children’s, taking care of our patients and their families begins with taking care of ourselves. In 2017, slips, trips and falls were the No. 1 cause of employee injuries across the organization, and Employee Health and Well-Being and Environmental Health and Safety are teaming up to raise awareness about these safety concerns and how they can be avoided.

There were a total of 184 slip, trip, and fall incidents among our employees last year, resulting in 892 days of restricted duty and 353 lost days of work. To address this important matter, Employee Health and Well-Being and Environmental Health want to help employees practice safe and simple behaviors to prevent slips, trips and falls.

WET FLOORS: Slippery floors are the No. 1 cause of slips and falls.

If you spill something or see a spill, please take responsibility by cleaning up the spill and/or reporting it to Facilities Services by calling ext. 4-5000.

Use caution around wet floor signs and encourage others to do the same.

Be especially cautious on rainy days, as water can be tracked into common areas.

STAIRS: While taking the stairs is great for your health and fitness and provides patients and their families’ priority access to the elevators, stairwells can be hazardous if you are not mindful. To prevent stairwell accidents:

  • Take your time when climbing or descending the stairs and never skip a step.
  • Firmly grasp the handrail at all times.
  • Stay focused and put down distractions such as your phone, food or beverages. As a reminder, food and drinks should not be consumed in common areas.

TRIPPING: To avoid tripping, please be mindful of your surroundings. Often the smallest misstep can cause the greatest injury.

Be alert; always watch where you walk. Keep your cell phones down and make eye contact with our patients and families as well as your colleagues.

Wear shoes with good traction.

If you notice a potential hazard, such as an electrical cord or box, please take the initiative to remove it.

Texas Children’s is proud to serve as a member of the Children’s Hospitals’ Solutions for Patient Safety Initiative, with over 130 Children’s Hospitals working together to reduce patient and employee harm. Thank you for practicing these safe behaviors and taking responsibility to ensure we create a safe environment for your co-workers, patients and their families.

If you have any questions, please contact the Well-Being team at wellbeing@texaschildrens.org.