Super Star Employee: Jennifer Abernathy

Jennifer Abernathy, February 2017 Employee

Jennifer Abernathy of Endocrine and Diabetes clinic, is the latest Texas Children’s Super Star employee. “A super star is someone who is able to bring a smile to BOTH patients and co-workers.” Read more of her interview below and find out how you can nominate a Super Star.

Your name, title, and department. How long have you worked here?
Jennifer Abernathy, Clinical Program Coordinator, Endocrine & Diabetes clinic. I have worked here for almost two years.

What month are you Super Star for?
February 2017

Tell us how you found out you won the super star award?
One of the providers asked me to assist her with a meeting. When I walked in, I saw everyone was already seated in the room with a big smile on their faces!

What does it mean to be recognized for the hard work you do? How has the organization helped you achieve your personal and professional goals?
I was so honored to be recognized by my department. I got a little teary-eyed during the speeches! My practice administrator, manager, and several of the physicians have approached me throughout the months to offer support and advice on achieving my goals. For example, because of their support, I was able to create a poster for presentation at last year’s national pediatric endocrine nursing society conference. In addition, they encouraged me to go back to school for my master’s degree in nursing administration. I will begin later this year!

What do you think makes someone at Texas Children’s a super star?
Patients need to feel that we are listening and genuinely want to help them. Co-workers need to feel that we really treasure them and share a team spirit. I think a super star is someone who is able to bring a smile to BOTH patients and co-workers.

What is your motivation for going above and beyond every day at work?
I see the struggles of families trying to manage difficult health issues. Every interaction, whether it is a clinic visit, a visit at the bedside, or a phone call is my chance to let the family know that I am here to support them. So many parents are appreciative about being able to share their burden, even for a little while.

What is the best thing about working at Texas Children’s?
The endocrine and diabetes department has so many great people with big hearts and they are truly passionate about their patients! My department is the absolute best, hands down!

What does it mean to you that everyone at Texas Children’s is considered a leader? What is your leadership definition?
My definition of a leader who someone who inspires others to follow his or her example. Everyone at Texas Children’s is a leader because we all can inspire others in so many different ways – to be more kind to co-workers, to be more smart with our resources, to be a better patient advocate, to be mindful of our health, etc. The ways to inspire others is endless!