New Kangaroo Crew ambulances enhance safety for patients, transport team

November 24, 2015


Texas Children’s Kangaroo Crew unveiled its new state-of-the-art ambulances that replace the old fleet while significantly improving patient and crew safety during emergency transport to Texas Children’s Hospital.

“Our 6-year old ambulances were becoming less reliable,” said Texas Children’s Assistant Director of Transport Services Deborah D’Ambrosio. “Our transport team of registered nurses, registered respiratory therapists and emergency medical technicians designed these four ambulances keeping patient and crew safety as their number one priority.”

The new fleet includes a number of safety improvements:

  • Equipped with liquid spring suspension, patients and crew experience a smoother ride. This technology decreases vibrations and bumpiness on the road, which can impact a patient’s condition during transport and make it difficult for the crew to provide care while the vehicle is moving. This safety feature also reduces neck and back pain problems that staff previously reported with the old trucks.
  • The five-point safety harnesses allow the transport team to deliver patient care while secured in their seat belts. This new safety feature replaces the standard seat belts.
  • Instead of manually lifting a stretcher or isolette, the ambulances’ power load system easily performs this function with a push of a button.
  • The addition of radios and Wi-Fi connections allow the transport team to remain connected to Main Campus via Texas Children’s intranet for protocols and pharmacy references.
    Advanced GPS tracking system helps the transport team know the precise location of the ambulances. This system also features indicators that can be set to deliver messages regarding a driver’s performance while on transport.
  • Electronic monitors provide the transport team with a constant reading of oxygen levels in the tank replacing the manual system.
  • Additional safety features include back-up and turn cameras and airbags for airway seat.

The new ambulances also have a DVD player for the patient and outlets for families to charge their cell phones.

Texas Children’s Kangaroo Crew brings newborn babies and critically ill pediatric patients to Texas Children’s Hospital for expert care from all over the country. The crew performs more than 1,500 critical transports a year.

“As one parent described them, they are the Navy Seals of Texas Children’s,” said Texas Children’s Assistant Vice President of Nursing Gail Parazynski. “She is absolutely right. This team meticulously designed these new trucks to ensure our most fragile patients are safe while being transported to our hospital.”

Besides providing ground transport service, the Kangaroo Crew’s customized Cessna airplane transports critically ill newborn babies and children from throughout the United States and Central America to Texas Children’s Hospital.