Mid-year roundup: NRI publishes groundbreaking research in 2015

7115NRIswannlab640As world leaders in neuroscience research, scientists from the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute (NRI) and the Cain Foundation Labs at Texas Children’s continue to pioneer innovative treatments to improve the quality of life for children with devastating neurological diseases.

From unlocking the molecular mysteries of epileptic seizures to providing novel insights on how to repair brain injuries in newborns, NRI researchers are helping to revolutionize the care and treatment for our patients at Texas Children’s Neuroscience Center and patients around the world.

In her blog, Texas Children’s scientific research writer Dr. Rajalaxmi Natarajan highlights some of the 2015 groundbreaking discoveries from the NRI labs of Drs. Benjamin Deneen, Hugo Bellen, Mirjana Malatic-Savatic and Anne Anderson.