Texas Children’s achieved Magnet® re-designation for nursing excellence

March 21, 2018

Texas Children’s Hospital has achieved Magnet® designation for the fourth consecutive time, the highest and most prestigious recognition provided by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

Following a site visit to Texas Children’s in January 2018, appraisers submitted a written summary of their visit to the Magnet® Commission for review and final approval of re-designation. After much anticipation, Texas Children’s received a phone call from the Magnet® Commission on Wednesday, March 21, announcing the hospital’s achievement of its fourth Magnet® designation for nursing excellence.

“We are so proud of our nurses, physicians, and our interdisciplinary teams, who consistently provide exceptional care to our patients and families,” said Texas Children’s President and CEO Mark Wallace. “Our teams have worked incredibly hard to help us reach this milestone as we continue to maintain the gold standard of nursing excellence at Texas Children’s.”

Magnet® designation reflects Texas Children’s commitment to providing excellence to enhance quality, safety and outcomes that positively influence patient and family-centered care. Magnet® designated organizations must reapply for this designation every four years.

To achieve Magnet® status, healthcare organizations submit an application and complete a thorough review process that requires system-wide engagement from nursing, physicians, and the interdisciplinary teams. When applying for designation, the Magnet® Recognition Program requires health care organizations to provide documentation and supporting evidence that aligns with the Magnet® standards and demonstrates improvement and sustainability in quality nursing care and outcomes.

On January 22 to 24, Texas Children’s was evaluated for Magnet® re-designation by four appraisers from the ANCC, who provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about our hospital system.

“During the site visit, our nurses and entire health care team shared their accomplishments, highlighted our great partnership, exceptional care delivery and collaboration to enhance patient outcomes,” said Texas Children’s Magnet® Program Director Emily Weber. “Our nursing team was recognized for leadership, interdisciplinary collaboration and steadfast focus on family-centered care.”

At the closing session, the appraisers stated they had a phenomenal experience and this was “the best organization they had ever seen. Furthermore, the appraisers described the visit as a “privilege, pleasure, and inspiring” and commented, “Family Centered Care – your staff live it and the patients know it.”

“It wasn’t surprising to hear someone from the outside describe our organization this way, because we do great work and see miracles happen every single day at Texas Children’s,” said Texas Children’s Chief Nursing Officer Mary Jo Andre. “We were very confident that our organization would receive the Magnet® re-designation which represents the gold standard for nursing excellence.”

In the United States, less than 9 percent of hospitals have obtained Magnet® designation. Since 2003, Texas Children’s has been a Magnet-designated organization, and is once again honored to have achieved this elite national credential for high quality nursing.

To learn more about Nursing at Texas Children’s, go to http://www.texaschildrens.site/nursing/index.html.