LeAnne Young assumes Presidency for the Society of Trauma Nurses

Congratulations to Assistant Clinical Director, Trauma and Injury Prevention, LeAnne Young on starting her term as President of the Society of Trauma Nurses for the 2024-25 term. She recently delivered her presidential address at TraumaCon 2024 in Orlando, Fla.

“At Texas Children’s, LeAnne is responsible for maintaining a successful trauma program that meets all regulatory requirements and American College of Surgeon standards,” said Assistant Vice President, Perioperative and Trauma Services, Amanda Ward. “She is the subject matter expert for all things trauma, and this organization is one of many she’s involved with professionally…she represents Texas Children’s with pride and is able to share our best practices and shine a light on our organization through this collaboration.”

“I feel honored to lead the only international organization dedicated to trauma nursing professionals…I’m committed to ensuring optimal and equitable trauma care for patients, and see my presidency as an opportunity to continue my advocacy on a global stage,” said Young. “Texas Children’s is well positioned to be a leader in pediatric trauma care, and through my presidency, I look forward to sharing the amazing work we do here.”

When asked about the importance of engaging in professional organizations, Young says it is critical for any nurse who wants to elevate their career and “pay it forward.”

STN is a professional non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure optimal trauma care to all people through initiatives related to prevention, education and collaboration with other health care disciplines. Young served as President-elect for the 2023-24 term and has held several leadership positions within the organization.

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