Latest Daisy Award Winners (May)

Congratulations to the May 2021 winners of The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses! Please join us in recognizing these Texas Children’s nurses who make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families every day.

The comments included below are excerpts from each winner’s nomination:

Yvette Ochoa – Medical Center, Nursing Administration
My daughter and I were at the hospital for a new diagnosis and it was scary and we were lost trying to find where to go. My daughter was upset about having the test done and was crying. Ms. Yvette stopped with her hands full with her breakfast and water. She offered to take us to the test and asked where we were going next. She said “ok, I’ll be back in an hour to take you there.” She also gave me the bottle of water she had. Yvette made it easier to manage this day by the little bit of kindness and compassion she showed to us.

Jessica Kuhn – Medical Center, NICU IV
We had a complex long term patient that spent several months with us and Jessica took care of this patient many times. During the winter storm, the mother of the patient was stuck at the hospital while pregnant, away from her family and other son. Jessica overheard the mom on the phone with her husband sharing that she had not been able to find any bottled water at the gift shop or other stores. Jessica had a limited supply of bottled water for herself and gave it to the mom and told her to please take care of herself because she was pregnant and it was more important for her to stay hydrated. The mom was touched that Jessica put her needs above her own.”

Bhumi Patel – Medical Center, 15 Tower
I called a mom of a patient who was discharged the day before. The mom was in tears because she was struggling with managing the new GJ tube. I wanted to prevent a readmission for the patient so I contacted Bhumi who was the charge nurse for that day. Bhumi worked with the home health nurse and the mom to determine what had been used during the hospitalization and what would work for him. Bhumi took time to instruct me and the home health nurse on how to support mom. Without her amazing assistance on what I am sure was a very busy day for her, she really was the reason we could keep the patient at home.

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