Fostering collaboration through Inaugural Student Nurse Grand Rounds

March 3, 2022

Nursing Professional Development, in partnership with the Nursing Department and Evidence Based Practice and Research Council, launched a new nursing professional development program to Texas Children’s Hospital – Student Nurse Grand Rounds. The goal of this innovative program is to connect with the student nurse community and faculty to engage them in our work for the profession of nursing, to create community outreach, promote a pipeline for nurses and ensure a program to continuously meet our Magnet® elements for external audience presentations. “Extending and fostering our relationship with our school partners via student nurse grand rounds is an exciting way to engage our future workforce and prepare them for their transition to practice also while showcasing some of our new research and expertise,” says Jessica B. Ramirez, MBA, BSRC, RRT, Program Administrator for the Office of Student Affiliations.

The Inaugural Student Nurse Grand Rounds was held on January 27, with Stacy McMonigle, BSN, RN, and Karen Gibbs, MSN/MPH, RN, PHNA-BC, CPN, presenting Stronger Belief in Evidence-Based Practice is Associated with More Implementation and Higher Perceived Competency Among Pediatric and Obstetric Nurses. “Research coursework can be very challenging in baccalaureate nursing programs and often times is only discussed in theory rather than in practice,” says Karen Gibbs on the importance of presenting her topic to student nurses. “During our Student Nurse Grand Rounds, we were able to describe our research to student nurses and give them an opportunity to see how we use research to help inform our own practice.”

Stacy McMonigle described her experience as an inaugural student nurse grand round speaker:

“As a staff nurse, it was an honor to have the opportunity to speak at the inaugural student nurse grand rounds. To be able to present the research we have been working on, not only to our fellow colleagues at Texas Children’s, but also to local nursing students, was an incredible experience and opportunity to connect with our surrounding community. I think that often there is not awareness among nursing students and new graduates that staff nurses, even new ones, are able to engage and participate in evidence-based practice and research projects while in a direct patient care role. I hope our presentation highlighted that ability, the importance of evidence-based practice and research in the role of all nurses, as well as opportunities to get more formally involved, such as participation in our Evidence-Based Practice and Research shared governance council here at Texas Children’s.”

Student Nurse Grand Rounds not only served as a platform to engage nursing students, but also provided contact hours for nurses to maintain licensure through the Accredited Provider Program. “The value of providing nursing continuing professional development contact hours to student faculty and staff fosters collaboration and professional development across academia to practice,” says Amanda Garey, Ph.D., MSN, RN, NPDA-BC, C-EFM, Accredited Provider Program Director.

The next Student Grand Rounds will be held in May 2022.