Congratulations to our Nursing Scholarship recipients!

During Nurses Week 2023, scholarship recipients were recognized at the Nursing Excellence Awards ceremony on May 10. Please join us in congratulating them! Read on for application excerpts from each recipient, and view the photo gallery below.

Dr. David and Polly Roth Nursing Scholarship

These recipients will receive tuition assistance for pursuing professional nursing and BSN degrees. Established by Dr. David Roth and his wife, Polly, the first scholarship was awarded in 2017 and is dedicated to Texas Children’s employees in certain roles, including PCAs and medical assistants.

“This award will mean so much to me because for as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. I plan on staying at Texas Children’s for many years to come as an OR circulator.”Tawana Harris (Surgical Tech, PFW)

Len Slusser Nursing Scholarship

Established in 2020 and named after the long-time Texas Children’s volunteer, this scholarship provides tuition assistance to RNs pursing an advanced professional nursing degree (DNP or PhD) or financial assistance towards virtual/in-person attendance at a professional nursing conference.

“I am obtaining my DNP to provide high-quality care through a family-centered approach with expert child and adolescent health knowledge and skill. This advanced education combined with my PICU background will give me the skillset to rapidly identify acute changes, support family’s’ emotional needs, and implement evidenced-based interventions in my practice.”Madison Caillier (Staff Nurse, LT PICU)

“I’d like to attend the 37th annual American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) Conference to learn emerging and established best practices for behavioral health staff education and patient care delivery. As an active APNA member and leader, I’ve attended and presented at several past conferences. This is the premier U.S. event for psychiatric mental health nurses, including nurse educators.”Audrey Voss (Education Coordinator, Behavioral Health)

Flo McGee Nursing Scholarship

This fund was re-established in 2007 by Florence McGee, longstanding volunteer and philanthropist. Recipients will receive financial assistance in the form of tuition assistance towards attaining an advanced professional nursing degree (MSN for RNs) or financial assistance towards virtual/in-person attendance at a professional nursing conference.

“It has definitely been a sacrifice to pay for my education, but it will be well worth it when I am finished. I plan to stay with TCH as an advanced provider and have a passion for trauma and rehab. I love advocating for patients and helping them to restore their health and functioning of daily living.”Trisha Woodson (Staff Nurse, 11 WT)

“Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL) is a rare and serious oncological diagnosis. We don’t come across it often, but recently had a patient come to us for outpatient chemotherapy. I am passionate about this topic and would be grateful to attend the APHON conference so I can bring home insights and new ideas to my staff.”Lyndzie West (Staff Nurse, Cancer Center)

Molly Mae LeBlanc Nursing Scholarship

Established in memory of Molly Mae, a beloved former patient at Texas Children’s, this scholarship provides tuition assistance to PCAs and RNs pursuing nursing degrees (MSN for RNs, BSN for PCAs) or financial assistance towards virtual/in-person attendance at a professional nursing conference for RNs.

“I have a family friend who writes children’s books explaining life in the hospital. She gladly gave me some for free, so I purchased stuffed animals for each child to receive along with the book for Christmas. To see the little smiles on each child’s face and walking into the rooms at midnight to obtain vitals and finding all the children asleep with their stuffed bears was such a rewarding feeling.”Keily Zamudio (PCA, General Medicine)

“We had a teenage girl who was wheelchair-bound and had a date scheduled prior to her admission. Since her stay was extended, they were going to cancel. The boy’s family was bringing him up to the hospital for a brief visit outside, and she asked if I knew how to do hair and makeup. I told her I would love to do her hair; I got her dressed, up to her chair for Dutch braids and some light makeup, and she was ready to go.”Liz Rincones (PCA, Inpatient Rehab)

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