Congratulations to Lauren Salinas, one of this year’s winners of the Vanguard Award for Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNL)

In February, Clinical Specialist Lauren Salinas was honored with the Vanguard Award. The annual award was introduced in 2012 by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and the Commission on Nurse Certification (CNC). It recognizes exceptional certified Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNL) in practice for their innovative and outstanding professional performance and their advocacy of the CNL skill set, and it promotes their contributions in transforming health care.

“Salinas is by definition the vanguard to nursing practice,” said Heart Center Clinical Practice Assistant Director Miranda Rodrigues. “In her brief time as a certified CNL, she has created new and innovative approaches to positively impact outcomes of pediatric patients and the development of our nursing staff.”

Since completing her CNL certification in 2018, Salinas has worked to improve patient experience and outcomes on Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) through her coordination of care, quality initiatives and innovation at the bedside. She incorporated her knowledge as a CNL to decrease central line associated bloodstream infections through initiatives such as “Love Our Lines” campaign and C.L.E.A.N. rounds to promote central line care and quality rounding.

Salinas is passionate about incorporating the CNL focus of care coordination and transitions of care into her complex patient population on the CICU and eager to share her expertise by presenting her quality projects at local and national conferences.

“I am very honored to receive the Vanguard award from the AACN for 2022,” said Salinas. “I have to also recognize the awesome team and staff that I get to work with every day I come to work. Part of the Vanguard award process was the opportunity to present on National Certified Nurses day about the value and role of certified nurses. I got to advocate for my CNL and CCRN certifications and share what being a certified nurse means in my practice. I am so thankful for the recognition of the Vanguard Award and cannot wait to see what the next few years of my career bring!”

Visit the AACN website to learn more about the Vanguard Award and this year’s winners.