Cancer and Hematology Centers honor staff with Bravo Award

Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers recently honored seven team members with the Bravo Award for going above and beyond to ensure our patients and families receive the best possible care.

The award is handed out quarterly and recognizes nurses and other professional staff in the Cancer and Hematology Centers for outstanding performance. Anyone within the Texas Children’s system may nominate a member of the cancer and hematology teams for this award. The team’s clinic leadership will select the winners.

This quarter’s winners of the Bravo Award were:

Rosa Albiso, an LVN at Texas Children’s Hospital Medical Center Campus, is described as “the epitome of caring.” As busy as she, Rosa is always willing to give a helping hand if anyone requests it. She ensures all patients she comes in contact with have all their needs taken care of, and she always does it with a smile on her face.

Arlene Brown, a licensed clinical social worker at the Medical Center Campus, is unfailing in her dedication, compassion, work ethic and steadfastness. She is a source of comfort and stability for families, even after their child dies. She organizes our annual Bereavement Breakfast which is a labor of love for our families and staff. She adapts to each situation and treats every patient and family with fairness.

Patricia Harris, a respiratory care practitioner at Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands, is a wonderful collaborative asset to The Woodlands team. When delays occur in clinic related to the treatments she provides, she is always patient and respectful. She is a true a champion for teamwork.

Marissa Hergott, a nurse at the Medical Center Campus, continually demonstrates exemplary patient and family centered care. She was noted to personally escort two inpatients to our annual Going Gold ceremony while they were receiving chemotherapy so they would not miss the event. Similarly, on a day when a family focus group meeting was occurring, she volunteered to watch a young patient so his mother could attend this meeting in another building. His mother was comforted in the knowledge her son was well cared for in her absence.

Audrey McKim, a Child Life Activity Coordinator at the Medical Center Campus, is very creative, always offering new and dynamic opportunities for our patients and families in the inpatient setting. She is known for her collaboration throughout the hospital, willing to work with diverse departments such as philanthropy, marketing, arts and medicine, infection control and many others. She precepts all new activity coordinators, ensuring they learn all about their new responsibilities and serve as a positive role model.

Rosa Menjivar, a medical assistant at the Medical Center Campus, is a great asset to the Hematology clinic team, efficient in her work and a wonderful team player. She anticipates problems that may arise with clinic flow and is proactive about addressing them. She always displays a positive attitude and is willing to help, even when extremely busy herself.

Cindy Power is a senior administrative coordinator at the Medical Center Campus. Cindy’s work ethic and overall dedication to the cancer and hematology centers is first rate. She has been instrumental behind the scenes in many new initiatives in our center related to faculty scheduling. It is obvious that she highly values the quality of her work and will settle for nothing less than the best. During the COVID-19 emergency she has happily taken on extended duties in patient screening for our clinic, always greeting families with her usual warm, friendly manner.