William Davidson

Respiratory Therapist, NICU
2017 Caught You Caring recipient

William Davidson has received multiple Caught You Caring awards from patients, families and other team members for being a team player and patient advocate. According to many of his colleagues, William is ‘caught caring’ by many in the NICU.

On one night, his willingness to intervene and go above and beyond potentially saved a patient’s life. William went to take a break that night and as he was walking by B Pod, he noticed a large group of clinicians by a particular patient’s bedside. This along with a code cart at the bedside and various types of equipment prompted him to investigate further.

When he approached, a nurse was bagging the baby manually and stated that she was not able to improve the patient’s oxygenation. William started to ask questions about the patient’s lab results and learned there was a critical, possibly life-threatening value in the results. William suggested an aggressive and somewhat radical approach to improve the patient’s ventilation status. The attending physician, who has worked with William for over 20 years, told William to “do it,” so he did and the patient’s ventilation and oxygenation improved.

The following week, the patient’s mother approached William, hugged him and called him her angel. She told him that she and her family had been praying and asking God to present someone who could fix their child’s problem. As a Christian, William express how much it mean for him to be able to serve and do God’s will.

Coincidentally, the baby was named William, before the family ever met William Davidson (their angel)! The baby is now on very minimal oxygen and feeding well. William says he loves working with God’s children and can’t think of a better way to have spent his life, other than working with the children at Texas Children Hospital.