Transition Medicine Clinic hosts “By the Numbers” event

Physicians, administrators, former patients, and community partners came together at Hotel Zaza on October 27 to discuss the long-term care of Texas Children’s patients at the 4th Annual Transition Medicine Event. The theme of the event was “By the Numbers,” which explored the facts and figures related to transitioning Texas Children’s young adults to adult health care providers. This interactive event helped attendees understand the significant work that Texas Children’s is doing to better educate, coordinate and empower adolescent patients. Displayed throughout the event were personal accounts by patients and parents on their experience transitioning from Texas Children’s to adult providers. Stories reflected a wide range of challenges and opportunities that serve as a resource for improving the transition process. The event also was a celebratory occasion to honor Dr. Claire Poche with Texas Children’s Pediatrics as the new Ligums Scholar and to recognize the Ligums grantees for 2016 (please see list below). These awardees will collaborate with their adult counterpart to implement solutions to create a seamless transition for their patient populations. Texas Children’s appreciates everyone who came to the event and looks forward to building on this momentum to better prepare adolescent patients as they manage their long-term health.

Project topic: Grant recipient
  • Closing the Loop: Building Bridges between Pediatric and Adult Health ServicesDr. Constance Wiemann, Adolescent Medicine
  • Mobilizing Patients to Close Transition Gaps through Education and Technology: Dr. Keila Lopez, Pediatric Cardiology
  • Special Needs Clinic Transition Readiness Program: Dr. Elisha Acosta and Dr. Judy Lu Kim, Center for Transition Medicine
  • Self-Management Improvement for Teens with Spina BifidaDr. Ellen Fremion, Center for Transition Medicine
  • Pediatric Warfarin Self-Management Pilot StudyDr. Rosa Diaz, Pediatrics
  • Improving Transition Readiness among Pediatric Liver Transplant RecipientsDr. Ryan Himes, Pediatrics

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