Texas Children’s physicians edit Health Care Transition textbook

Drs. Hergenroeder and Constance Wiemann with Adolescent Medicine and Sports Medicine have edited the recently published Health Care Transition: Building a Program for Adolescent and Young Adults with Chronic Illness and Disability textbook, 1st Edition.

The book contains 37 chapters written by more than 75 authors from more than 100 medical centers in North America and Europe. It provides the framework, tools and case-based examples needed to develop and evaluate a health care transition planning program that can be implemented regardless of a patient’s disease or disability.

Those at Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine who contributed to the book include:

Dr. Albert Hergenroeder – Editor
Dr. Constance Wiemann – Editor
Dr. Angelo Giardino
Dr. Jill Ann Jarrell
Dr. Tammy Kang

Health Care Transition has been published in these formats: