Texas Children’s Code of Ethical Behavior

The Texas Children’s Code of Ethical Behavior sets forth the guidelines that govern our interactions among workforce members, patients, and vendors, and sets expectations for our behavior.


Why does Texas Children’s have a Code of Ethical Behavior?
Ethics are an essential and integral part of any successful company, especially in health care. Since we work in a complex and highly regulated industry, it is essential that we have a uniform code that guides workforce members on carrying out the Texas Children’s mission ethically and with integrity, and protects Texas Children’s, its workforce members, and its patients and Health Plan members.

What is the Texas Children’s Code of Ethical Behavior?
The Code of Ethical Behavior is the general principle that guides our conduct at work.

Follow the Law: Not sure about whether something is legal? Contact the Compliance and Privacy Office at 832-824-2085 or at compliance@texaschildrens.org and ask!

Follow Texas Children’s Policies and Procedures: All Texas Children’s policies and procedures are available on PolicyTech, accessible here: https://texaschildrens.policytech.com/

Adhere to Ethical Business Practices: Texas Children’s values openness, honesty, and expects its workforce to adhere to the highest standards of ethical business practices.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest: If you are taking part in an outside activity that may influence or appear to influence your decision making, contact the Compliance and Privacy Office.

Restrictions on Gifts, Meals and Entertainment: It is never appropriate for you to accept cash or cash equivalents (e.g. gift cards) from a patient or vendor. In addition, you cannot accept gifts, meals or entertainment that induce referrals or influences your patient care or business care decisions.

Maintain Confidentiality: It is your duty to safeguard the health and financial information of our patients and Health Plan members.

Keep Accurate and Complete Records: All documentation and records should be accurate. When a mistake is made, it is your responsibility to report that error so it can be corrected.

Prevent Fraud and Abuse: It is your responsibility to follow all fraud and abuse laws. Specifically, (1) document all required information; (2) verify the accuracy of information before submitting bills or claims for services rendered; and (3) avoid medically unnecessary services.

Standards of Conduct: We are committed to maintaining a workplace environment that is free from harassment, coercion, discrimination, misconduct or any other intimidating or disruptive behaviors.

Use of Texas Children’s Resources: You must not use company resources including time, funds and equipment for personal benefit, to harm another person, for political activity, or for illegal activity.

Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities: You must conduct all health care services in an ethical and professional manner.

Report Inappropriate or Unethical Conduct: Sometimes doing nothing, or taking the wrong action, is easier than doing the right thing. You are expected to take action and report unethical behavior, even if it is difficult. You can report this to 1) your leader or another leader in the organization; 2) the Compliance and Privacy Office; or 3) the Confidential Hotline at 1-866-478-9070 online.

To whom does the Code of Ethical Behavior apply?
The Code of Ethical Behavior applies to all Texas Children’s entities, and all Texas Children’s workforce members. This includes employees, medical staff, volunteers, contractors, consultants, temporary employees, trainees, or other persons whose performance of work is under the direction or supervision or on behalf of Texas Children’s, whether or not they are paid by Texas Children’s.

If you have any questions, please contact Compliance and Privacy (ext. 4-2085 or compliance@texaschildrens.org).