Texas Children’s Cancer Center to hold first Lymphoma program retreat

Texas Children’s Cancer Center will hold its first Lymphoma Program Retreat at Trevisio’s on Thursday, April 2, 2015 from 9am-6pm. The retreat is for anyone with an interest in lymphoma. The agenda will cover the local clinical and research programs for pediatric lymphoma, current research projects and opportunities for collaboration, management updates including transplant and radiation, and emerging technologies/therapies.

As the only stand-alone pediatric lymphoma program in the country, the Lymphoma Program at Texas Children’s Cancer Center offers unparalleled care, access to clinical trials and innovative therapies for children with lymphoma and lymphoproliferative disorders.

The Lymphoma Program is dedicated to the integration of laboratory and clinical research to increase our understanding of lymphoma and to develop new, more effective therapies for these conditions. The principal areas of research focus on understanding the genetic determinants of tumor biology, exploiting the relationship of lymphoma with the immune system to develop immunotherapy and in new drug development. We are part of a National Cancer Institute-funded Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE) grant and participate in COG and internal lymphoma studies within Texas Children’s Cancer Center and the Cell and Gene Therapy Program.

For more information on the retreat or to RSVP, contact Kala Kamdar (kykamdar@txch.org) or Carl Allen (ceallen@txch.org).

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