Tech Reminder: IS conducting technology equipment inventory

92816isinventory640Information Services is in the process of conducting a comprehensive inventory of IS-administered technology equipment at all Texas Children’s facilities. During the inventory process, IS-sanctioned staff will visit offices and workstations to document equipment serial numbers and other identifying data.

What is included in the inventory?

The inventory applies to IS equipment:

  • Computers – laptops, desktops and workstations
  • Computer peripherals (monitors, keyboards, mice)
  • Tablets
  • Local network printers

Not included in the inventory: Biomedical equipment


The inventory will encompass the entire organization over the next three months. The exact schedule is based on the rate of progress, though departments will be notified in advance when the inventory team is headed their way.

What to expect

The IS inventory team is recording serial numbers and other data from computers, printers, monitors and other IS equipment. When the team appears at your desk, please do the following:

  1. Check for a blue “IS Staff” tag and a Texas Children’s ID badge to ensure the inventory team member is authorized.
  2. The inventory should take 10-15 minutes. If possible, please close/save your work and log off your workstation during this time.
  3. If you cannot relinquish access to the machine at the moment, please let the team know a better time to return.
Security first

IS always emphasizes information security and this inventory is no exception. To help safeguard data, IS reminds you:

  • Each team member will wear both a Texas Children’s ID badge and a blue “IS Staff” tag, letting you know they are authorized to conduct the inventory.
  • Please close your work and log off your workstation before you allow the team access to the equipment at your desk.
  • If you have any concerns, please contact the IS Service Desk at Ext. 4-3512.
Inventory note

IS tracks the location of inventoried equipment like computers, monitors and printers. We rely on this data to locate assets for repair, replacement, etc. Please remember that only IS personnel are authorized to move this equipment.


Information Services is dedicated to providing a secure, reliable technology environment. If you have questions about the technology inventory process, please contact the IS Service Desk at Ext. 4-3512 (external 832-824-3512).

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